After years of preparation and seeking the Lord’s direction, Bryan moved to Utah in 2004 for the sole purpose of founding Lifeline Community. Born and raised in upstate New York, Bryan received his bachelor’s degree in religious education from Davis College in Johnson City, New York, and his master’s degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. His doctorate of ministry from Talbot School of Theology focused on how worldview, philosophy, and culture relate to the local church, which culminated in the release of his first book, Tasty Jesus: Liberating Christ from the Power of our Predilections, published by Wipf and Stock. A true scholar and pastor at heart, Bryan longs to merge the life of the mind with life in the Spirit. His primary passion in ministry is discipleship, as evidenced by the various ministries at Lifeline, with the intended result that Lifeline be the kind of church that no one ever outgrows. Bryan is married to Jennifer and they have three daughters. He is an avid runner, a devout Syracuse Orange fan, and his favorite hobby is discussing world views and theology at ANY time in ANY place.



Although Michael’s educational pursuits resulted in degrees in speech and communication, the Lord placed him in church and missions administration, leading him from Chicago to Utah in 2001. In one way or another, Michael has been involved in full-time ministry for his entire adulthood. Add to that the fact that he’s a PK (pastor's kid), and one could say that it’s basically been his life. After many years in many churches, Michael believes that Utah is the greatest mission field in America and that Lifeline is most strategically and theologically equipped to make an impact, and he is honored and humbled to play a role in such a powerful ministry. He has been married to Victoria since 1988 and they have two grown sons. His personal interests include cycling, tennis, nature, travel, the arts, and anything to do with his family. Yet his greatest hobby by far is FOOD, which explains the importance of cycling.



Rob graduated from the University of Utah in 1992, married in 1993, attended seminary in 1994, and began a construction business in 1996 while training for pastoral ministry under the guidance of North Hills Community Church in Greenville, South Carolina. After several years of lay ministry he became a full-time pastor in 2014 and completed his master’s in biblical/theological studies from Western Seminary. Rob has a pastor’s heart as displayed in numerous capacities such as children’s ministry, small groups, and assimilation. Rob and his wife, Melissa, have five children, and they can muster up a mean southern barbecue. He enjoys hunting and fishing in the great outdoors of Utah, and has also been known to build a thing or two.



Also born and raised in upstate New York, Brad served as a youth and worship pastor at three other churches prior to joining the team at Lifeline. He received his bachelor’s degree from Davis College in Johnson City, New York (where he met a guy named Bryan Hurlbutt) and completed his master’s degree in religion at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Growing up in a small country church, Brad’s relationship with Christ was initially fostered by his parents as well as his faithful pastor who heavily invested into the lives of the teens at church. Brad firmly believes it was this foundation that has helped him grow into the pastor he is today. Brad and his wife, Rachel, have three sons.




Stephen was involved in student ministry on a variety of levels for several years prior to joining the Lifeline staff in January 2015. His primary ministry goal is that all students might grow in biblical literacy, biblical theology, biblical outreach, and biblical community. He seeks to accomplish this goal through weekly meetings, special events, service opportunities, and gender-based discipleship groups. Stephen has a bachelor’s degree in history from University of Texas at Arlington and a master’s degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, but he believes that the best education is from the Lord and His people. Stephen is married to Michelle and they have three daughters. He enjoys any opportunity to share the Good News of Christ whenever possible, and he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to serve at Lifeline.




Crystal was born and raised in southern California, later moving to Seattle where she met her husband and received her bachelor’s degree from Northwest University. After three years of marriage they had their first child shortly before God relocated them to Utah and brought them to Lifeline. She began training as a biblical counselor at Lifeline Christian Counseling Center, completing her practicum and internship at the center, while finishing her master’s degree in professional counseling at Liberty University. She firmly believes her role is not just a vocation but a calling, helping people understand the root of their problems while taking a back seat to how God powerfully works in their lives. Crystal enjoys singing, running, cooking, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband, Jonathan, and their two children.



Born in New York and raised in Colorado, Terry moved to Utah with her husband in 1994. She began working with children in 2004 and it quickly became her passion. Terry is certified through National Council for Professional Development in Early Childhood, specializing in the education of one- to five-year-olds. After 15 years in different educational roles, including church children’s ministry, Terry freely admits that preschoolers are "her people” and favorite age group. When she's not teaching and working with students, Terry enjoys adventures with her husband, Daniel, as well as being a mom to her five children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti in 2013. When she has a rare free moment, she likes biking, running, exercise, puzzles, reading, and all things British, especially British television.




Tammy was a pastor’s kid raised in southern California and lived there for 45 years before moving to Utah. She has been married to her best friend, Bill, for many blessed years and they have three grown children and eight grandchildren whom they love dearly. Her passion for children comes from her parents, and you will often find her volunteering in children’s ministry, having done so since she was 12 years old. In addition to her heart for ministry, the Lord has also equipped her with many administrative skills. With a smile and a helpful attitude, Tammy is always ready to answer your questions or walk you through a problem. She also enjoys crocheting, reading, and playing Plants vs. Zombies on her tablet.