Discipleship at Lifeline is an intensive, structured, gender-based approach to growing deep in Christ. We place our men (Biastes, meaning “forceful men”) and our women (Metochoi, meaning “partner” or “partaker”) into long-term groups that foster growth by focusing on four different areas: the life of the mind, the life of the Spirit, the study of the Bible, and missional service together. Discipleship at Lifeline entails commitment and desire to not only be poured into, but also to pour into others as well. As God continues to build our church, invest some time and energy in your own building block.


There are always many diverse and exciting activities throughout the year which seek to build relationships with other men and women at Lifeline. Yet there are specific missional and invitational components behind these activities with the intent of introducing new people to the rhythms and community of our church, hoping to further spiritual growth and inspire a desire for meaningful ministry inside and outside the church. In other words, please attend these activities — and bring a friend.


It’s no surprise that our staff is not large enough to do everything necessary to make three services happen each week. Many different facets — greeting, hospitality, sound, audio/visual, facilities, etc. — are all vital components that comprise and define the weekend experience at Lifeline. They may not be as visible as some of the other ministry opportunities listed on this page, but they are every bit as valuable.


There is a profound difference in content and lasting results between counseling based on God’s Word and secular, symptom-focused psychotherapy, because only God’s Word has an answer for every problem in life. We offer counseling services for all age groups and all problems that involve human difficulties — depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, marriage and family issues, etc. Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available. Visit lifelineccc.com for more info.


Merge is a gathering for young adults in all walks of life who get together and fellowship with one another, merging their lives with the life of Christ and God’s kingdom. They eat a lot and laugh a lot, but most importantly they dive into the Word of God with the purpose of learning more about growing together as a community while getting closer to God and encouraging one another to be a light in the Salt Lake valley.


Everyone knows the significant importance of the teen years, so our primary focus is to help our youth grow in a classically authentic, Gospel-driven identity through biblical literacy and theology. We want them to live out biblical community and go forth in biblical outreach, all for the glory of God. Meeting most Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30, they learn from God’s Word as well as encourage each other in small groups headed by quality youth leaders. In addition, we typically have one just-for-fun activity per month as well as one service opportunity every other month.


The purpose of children’s ministry at Lifeline Community is simple — to come alongside and resource parents as they raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Our staff members seek to disciple and pour into the lives of our kids by teaching them God’s Word, leading them in age-appropriate discussion about how the Bible applies to their lives, and encouraging them to live their lives for Christ. Please note that every volunteer and worker must pass a background check in order to serve in children’s ministries at Lifeline.


Lifeline Foundations Preschool exists to provide a safe, nurturing environment for preschoolers where biblical truths are taught as a foundation for salvation and Christian living. Our preschool director has 15 years experience in preschool education and a heart for helping children grow. Each day includes a variety of lessons that teach sounds, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and other essential abilities for kindergarten readiness, including daily activities that build motor skills while providing a valuable social experience for your child. Visit lifelinefoundations.com for more info.